do ramen noodles go bad?

Today I was foraging alone in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. I was thinking something soupy as I left work early feeling unwell — like a flu was coming on.

There were things in the fridge but I wasn’t sure what the random ingredients in there could produce. (Or — more truthfully — what I could produce with the random ingredients). There was some white wine in there too and a bit helped my decision-making process.

I found some onion soup mix and ramen noodles in the back corner of the cupboard and had an idea — onion/ramen soup! But how long before ramen noodles go bad? I don’t recall purchasing these noodles and there was no date stamp. Maybe they had been there for years.

But I thought about it a bit (and had some more wine) and I figured they’re bone dry and full of salt so they probably never go bad. I was also getting hungry and a little tipsy. Soup it was.

My soup wasn’t bad at all. Nothing spectacular but warm and tasty enough. Tomorrow I’m making meatloaf or maybe I’ll just have some oatmeal.

Ah, oatmeal for dinner — I feel like I’m in school again.

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