cycling half naked coated in gel

When one gets to one’s mid-twenties (ahem) one can and should expect the odd medical test or two.

However, one does not expect to be cycling half naked and coated in gel while one’s heart is being visualized with the help of sonic beams (sonic rays?).

The cycling test happened after the ultrasound technologist spent about 45 minutes under my left breast and surrounding region. She was really pushing hard and looking at my valves with the ultrasound paddle-thing. I think it was hard too see my heart. She noted the test was easier on men. I’ll bet.

After all the tests, the doctor told me I must lose weight. (I am not sure if this is because he saw me peddling a bike half-naked for 20 minutes or what.) He also said that I must tell myself that I am beautiful everyday. (I think this is to help get me motivated to lose the weight.) Um, ok….I told him I would. (He didn’t know I do this anyway. I am a big fan of the positive self-talk.) And he encouraged me to continue with all my other health-related endeavours.

So I am trying. And trying. Here’s to a healthy me in 2006. I want to look good in my thirties, dammit.

Sorry no related photos in connection to today’s post. 


  1. I am trying! So far I am doing long walks and taking stairs. Today I climbed 5 flights — really!

  2. I think that’s great! Keep working on small changes. Short term pain for long term gain. It is tough for a time, but once you get into a routine, you won’t even think about it.

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