breakfast in bed?

Condos are getting smaller. What passes as a second bedroom in a typical downtown condo is the size of a closet in the lovely community of Brooklin, Ontario. (I should know, I live in a storage closet with a bathroom.)

Take a look at this picture. I have no talent — so trust me — it is not a photoshop effort.

Look at the kitchen. Look at bedroom.

Feet get cold at night? Just pop them in the oven.

Cheap and easy.


  1. they wouldn’t make it if idiots didn’t buy it i guess…

    move to s-ville … no beds in yer kitchen here 🙂

  2. That’s the thing, alee…people are buying these! I still can’t believe it. I once went to a model suite and the dresser looked odd. It finally dawned on me later that it was the shallowest dresser in the universe. I think it was made for the model suite. Once you moved in, you’d notice that a regular dresser would never fit. Most condo bedrooms barely fit a double bed. S-ville is lovely … don’t think it does not enter my head three times a week when I am taking a bath in my kitchen.

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