bookmark_borderI don’t make resolutions — I make purchases

So, I don’t make resolutions — I tend to make purchases.

But I have been very, very good lately. I bought some shirts because I needed new shirts and I bought some pants because, well, there’s something odd going on with my midsection that’s necessitating a bigger size.

This is how good I’ve been. I’ve had my eye on these boots for some time. They’re a Church’s AURA II Chelsea boot.

Church’s, AURA II — not telling you the price. Click if you must.

Nice, right?

But nope. I resisted. And I continue to resist them on a daily basis.

I visit them online weekly and also look at similar (not much) cheaper versions that don’t get me in a lather.

So if I am going to make any resolutions, it’s to try and buy things I need and not want.

Almost time to say goodbye.

And I do have a need for footwear — just not those boots.

You see, my Dr. Martens are just about to give up the ghost. I’ve repaired them once, but one of the eyelets is just about to rip through again. (The eyelet provides a smooth, rigid surface for laces to be fed through, and stops (or in my case does not stop) the leather from fraying where the hole was made.)

I need a new pair of brown or oxblood lace up shoes. This is a fact. I have proof of imminent shoe failure. I could get a new pair of the Docs, but the quality (obviously) is not what it used to be.

So I am thinking about these lovely shoes that I could — without a doubt — really use.

Even nicer, right? And really quite practical.

bookmark_borderI like you, but do I love you?

Let’s talk about footwear – unless you’d rather discuss the senate scandal.

No, footwear is better, especially since I am at an impasse and I have little or nothing to contribute to the senate issue.

Today’s pressing issue:

I own these boots. I like the way they look, but the sole is a bit worn out and they’re not very comfortable to walk in for long distances. (I walk a lot for exercise, not that it’s actually doing anything, but that’s another post.) Also, they don’t really go well with any other pants besides jeans.


Not great for a lot of walking nor are they very versatile..


And so, I need another pair of black boots. (Yes, I know, I have other black boots in my shoe collection, but trust me, they are either too high for everyday wear or too sporty. I need an everyday boot that works with many different outfits.)

So I visited the largest women’s shoe store in Canada at the Bay’s Queen Street flagship store. (Oh wait, the Bay wants to be called Hudson’s Bay now. I was having some trouble getting behind that, but now I kinda like it…so I was over at Hudson’s on Queen.)

Um, where? The Bay at Yonge and Queen?
Yeah, the Bay.

Anyway, I was there and it was a zoo. Yes, there were lots of shoes and boots. And lots of lots of people clamouring over them. I think it was a Bay Day — not yet called a Hudson’s Day which is not as catchy I suppose.

I prefer a more carefully curated shoe experience. There was just too much to absorb. But after a bit of maneuvering, I got to the Frye section. And what a section it was!

I often look at the Frye boots at Get Outside as they have quite a few styles, but the Bay — ugh Hudson’s — had more. So many more.

And I saw these. They don’t lace up, but I think I love them anyway.


Classy, no? Leather soles, too.


I didn’t buy them as they are not inexpensive and I wasn’t sure that I loved them. I liked them sure, but I don’t take my MasterCard out of my wallet for just anyone. But I am still thinking about them. (And writing about them.) And look how great they look on me!


Yeah, no. Not me, obviously. Plus, I plan to be wearing pants and I want them in black.