California carrot — no, not the kind found in the urban slang dictionary

I ordered some lemon grilled salmon with vegetables for lunch today. It was at a chain place and the salmon was a bit dry which was a bit disappointing but not shocking. The vegetables, however did surprise me.

As a regular eater of the four food groups, I could identify broccoli and peppers but most of the plate was covered in a strange light coloured vegetable product that I could not identify. I could tell it was a root vegetable but it was like nothing I have ever tasted before. In fact, the veg in question didn’t taste like much at all. It was very mild. Boring really not to mention a bit mushy.

Perplexed, I asked the waitress and she told me it the mysterious vegetables were California carrots.

California carrots my ass, so I emailed my friend K. — K. knows food. (She and her husband K. are the only people I have ever met who made a fish dish T. enjoyed — I think the bacon had something to do with it. But I digress.)

Well, K. didn’t know and she told me that when she googled it something rather vulgar came up.

When I got home I looked it up myself. Turns out a California carrot is just a yellow carrot. Carrots come in all different colours — who knew!

All this means for me in the grand scheme of things is that I have discovered another vegetable I can do without.

By way the way, the carrot thing was the high point of my day but T won first place in a poker tournament — the lunch was celebratory in nature. I placed 17th (out of 25 players) if you’re curious.


  1. Carrots are orange, purple, red, white, or yellow in colour. Orange-coloured carrots appeared in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

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