Smoked salmon makes me a bit nostalgic

I remember when I was little how adults seemed so old. How 24 seemed like a lifetime away. How it seemed like I never get through public school. How I’d never get used to the strange things that hormones were doing to my body.

Well, was I ever wrong. I never in a million years guessed I would ever be 40. Never in a million years did I imagine both gray hairs and chin hairs — thankfully there is technology for both.

But today I was thinking that I feel pretty good. Not great — great is more of a Saturday mood. But pretty good nonetheless.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because I got to have Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict for brunch today. I love that shit.

Or maybe because I spent the day looking at art and chatting with artists.

I didn’t like smoked salmon when I was a teenager and I certainly didn’t contemplate a new art purchase.

So I’m not as flexible and lithe as I used to be. I can live with that. I’m tough, I can live with a lot of things. More disposable income helps as does a new pair of shoes.

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