big news

I feel I must report some very big news. I’m reading a novel that I’m really enjoying: The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud.

I used to read novels but in the last decade I’ve moved towards non-fiction. My favourite genre as a young adult (the only time I read mostly novels and short stories) was science fiction but it’s been a long time and I don’t know what’s good now.

Years ago, I read a lot by a particular female writer. I devoured all of her books but now I can’t even remember her name. I do remember she wrote a book about World War II (I think) and another one I recall was about robot children — not the parents mind you, just the kids.

I just spend an hour trying to figure out her name. No luck. This annoyed me as I wanted to see what else she may have written in the last 15 years.

I did this because at our next book club meeting, we each have to pitch a book and I wanted to really mix it up with something fun like scifi or fantasy.

But heck, any novel I enjoy is a start. I think I’m on a journey back to somewhere I used to live.

Maybe I’ll recommend another book by Claire Messud or maybe the book club would consider The Day of the Triffids?


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