who am I kidding?

Every year I like to buy myself a Christmas present. I also like to buy myself birthday presents. (Oh, who am I kidding — I don’t require an occasion to buy myself things….)

So this year I decided I needed a bb simon belt. Belts are only second to footwear in my fashion hierarchy.

Now, might a belt adorned with “Swarovski Crystals” be a bit tacky? Perhaps. But that has not stopped me yet. This is the first one that caught my eye in the shop but it was too small. Indeed I almost cried (with both pain and sadness) as a tried it on.

But in retrospect skulls are going out of fashion very swiftly. Case in point — I saw some skull pajamas at Zellers. This does not bode well for much of my winter wardrobe but it did calm me down somewhat as I accepted that I’m just not a ‘medium’.

Moving on, bb simon has some pretty spectacular belts! I like all the examples below. But I only bought one of them…

Alas, no. I didn’t see this one in the shop…
I have one like this already but not with —
you know — “Swarovski Crystals” …

Yes! This is the one. The belt I purchased (for the curious) is bright blue with clear and blue Swarovski crystals. But the buckle is the same and it looks even better in real life.

Really! It does!


  1. This post is categorized under home decor…. which perhaps make sense since you haven’t actually worn it yet… but worn it yet… but shouldn’t it also be under fashion?

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