A dream renewed

I’ve been listening to podcasts on my walk to and from work — mainly BBC documentaries and This American Life.

Ira Glass takes my mind off the stories about women dying in childbirth in Pakistan or the failings of the British child welfare system — stuff that the BBC pumps out for my listening pleasure.

I’ve also discovered The Sound of Young America and Jesse, Jordan Go. That stuff is just fun and it keeps me on top of what the young people are thinking about.

I used to be a radio nut. I studied radio journalism in university (my kermit-the-frog-like voice didn’t deter me from my dreams) and I listened to everything I could in those days before television and microwaves.

But after university, I stopped listening to radio for several years. I have no idea why — I just stopped.

Podcasts — and an hour of free time everyday — have helped me to rediscover something I love.

I wonder if the CBC is hiring middle-aged PR chicks with RSI.

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