Help me in my quest…

I need something so simple and yet impossible to find — 1/2′” rubber leg tips.

They look just like this.

You’d think any local hardware store would carry these but you would be wrong. I have been to several and I am at the end of my rope. It’s easy to find 1/2′” inch PLASTIC tips or larger rubber tips — the 5/8″ or 1″ sizes are very plentiful for example. But plastic is no good to me! It must be rubber.

I did find one package (of 4) in Chinatown today — the store clerk said there were no more to be found. That made me so very bitter. So close but screwed in the end. I need 24 rubber tips and ideally I would like to buy them all at the same store.

A very design-savvy friend suggested friend Richelieu Hardware and I have high hopes that his idea will bear fruit. He knows his stuff.

As far as I could tell, their website doesn’t have any online but they may have what I want at the retail location. I think a trip is in order. And I will go this weekend (I will walk if I have to) and demand rubber tips from the first sales person I see…unless anyone has a better idea about where I can get these.


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