Today I was watching an episode of Property Virgins. It’s a Canadian show where a bubbly (yet savvy) real estate agent, Sandra Rinomato helps first time home buyers get their feet wet. I love this show, especially since I’m practically a property bordello worker — I find it amusing, especially the first (obviously staged) segment of each show where the prospective property buyers try and guess how much houses cost in their dream ‘hood.

Today Sandra was helping a woman in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas.

I guess the show is now expanding into the American market and those Americans don’t want to watch as some crazy couple tries to buy a $330,450 house in Ajax for $289,000.

Indeed, on today’s episode the Dallas woman bought a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in a nice suburban neigbourhood for $132,000 — and the vendor threw in the closing costs and a new roof!


I think Sandra should stick to selling houses in Toronto. That commission probably didn’t even cover her airfare — never mind the hotel.

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