Toques and dirty toes

What to talk about today?

  • I saw a young man on the bus yesterday wearing flip-flops with the dirtiest toes I have ever seen. The rest of him was clean. In fact, he looked quite nicely attired in casual city fashions. But the toes — why were his toes so very dirty? It was not a muddy day. He did not look unkempt otherwise. He looked quite nice, actually. It was a very odd juxtaposition. Unlike the fridge-man, he did not see my sneaking peeks at his digits.
  • Yesterday I also saw that young woman walking around campus in the mystery blue/silver Puma running shoes. I now suspect they are from Europe or perhaps Asia as they are nowhere to be found on the American Puma website. I did not ask her about them but I should have.
  • There was a young man wearing a toque today on Yonge Street. That confuses me almost as much as the big-baggy-falling-down-pants look. I hope the skinny pants catch on so this look will finally go the way of acid wash. Toques in summer and baggy pants are over — I beseech you to share the news with any teens or twenty-somethings you may know. Please tell them about the joys of skinny pants and hair products.
  • I also saw Uggs and capri pants today on a fashion-forward young woman. I actually thought it was a rather interesting look. Not something I’d do but fun nonetheless.
  • That’s it. I have not been doing too much lately except looking at people on my commute.

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