Whoa…sorry Krystle!

I was feeling a shoe urge so I just went over to the Canadian Zappos site and found a message saying they’re shutting it down. (The pop up seems down now but it was there 20 minutes ago!)

So I contacted the online chat help thingie asking what was up with that…

This is the conversation:

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
Thank you for chatting it up with Zappos today, my name is Krystle and I’m happy to assist you.
Krystle:  Hi, Christine!
Christine:  Hi Krystie, do I need to retype my question?
Krystle:  I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand your question. The Canada.Zappos.com website is still active, and we do not ship to Canada from the US site.
Christine:  Now that you shut the Canadian site down will you ship to Canada from the main site like you used to?
Christine:  There is a message on the Canada site that says it is closing.
Krystle:  Oh no! I am so sorry about that, Christine!
Krystle:  I just started my shift and am still reading through my emails.
Christine:  And that only outstanding credits will be honoured…they didn’t tell You? 🙂
Christine:  Don;t worry it just happend like 3o mins ago!
Krystle:  Sorry about that! I am asking my supervisor right now!
Christine:  I will ask later! Have a good shift….don’t worry about me. I think there is still stuff happening.
Christine:  Okay go, I say good bye. Take care, ok!
Krystle:  No, they didn’t tell us before hand. I am just reading the email they sent about 20 minutes ago.
Christine:  I am SO SORRY I was your first question!
Krystle:  I am sorry I am not on my game!
Christine:  no worries…bye and thanks!
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I hope it isn’t really true. Sorry Krystle.


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