What does it all mean?

I’ve had this blog since 2005 and this website — which was bloggy before blogs were ubiquitous — since 1997 or 1998 — I forget.

My first blog post was about vo-dee-oh-do-doh

Remember when Laverne De Fazio implied her roommate Shirley Feeney vo-dee-oh-do-dohed?
And then Shirley insisted she most certainly did not vo-dee-oh-do-doh.
Finally Laverne conceded and said “Yeah, but you vo-de-ohed.”

Eight-year-old-me had no idea…
That Carmine, the big Ragoo.

An interesting start. One that might lead one to conclude my blog contain thinly veiled references to you-know-what.

Nope. Okay, maybe sometimes, but so veiled I bet most readers missed them.

So almost 2000 posts later — what do I write about?

  1. Shoes, boots, shoes, clogs….
  2. Vacations — mostly New York and other fun destinations but sometimes other (not) interesting places like Providence, RI.
  3. Nostalgia — Grade 9…was I cute or what?
  4. Aging. A recurring theme. Rest assured, I am getting used to the idea, but I don’t imagine that I will stop mentioning it. What with all the material middle-age will continue to bring!
  5. Home decor — bad flooring, worse flooring, strange walls, not one but two chairs of happiness and delight!

What I don’t write about:

  1. Vo-dee-oh-do-doh…
  2. My (very exciting) personal life. Dear Diary this is not.
  3. My (great) job — except for pleasant anecdotes.
  4. My (big European) family — well, unless it’s one of the people who are no longer with us. They have not complained. Others might.
  5. Politics. I have views. They are neither shocking nor especially interesting.

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