Wedding dress

No, not my wedding dress.

But rather what should I wear to a wedding? It’s in a few days and I got nothing.

I’m not tall (short) and I’m zaftig (chubby). This causes woe in the fashion department. They don’t make super stylin’ hot outfits for the short plump gals.

Well, maybe they do but try looking for a summer outfit in August.

Nothing looks good on me and I have a 500 relatives ready to comment on my poor outfit choice.

I’m not kidding, what one wears can be a hot topic at a Macedonian wedding and I never get it just right. (Oh, have I ever mentioned I’m of Macedonian descent? No Greek flames please…I don’t want to go there. But I can, so let’s not start.)

I do consider myself quite stylish, but my stylish is not Macedonian-woman-pushing-40 stylish. So, there I was today looking for a new skirt suit or perhaps a pant suit. (Pant suits are a no-no, but skirts don’t look so great on me unless they are altered and there is not time for that. Come to think of it, pant suits need to be altered too given my short little arms and legs.)

I saw a few nice black suits. But of course, I have three very nice black suits in my closet. I don’t need a new one….especially since you can’t wear a black suit to a wedding.

Now I know it is 2005, and you can indeed wear black to a wedding but we have cultural issues that I don’t always understand. So I am good to go to any funeral (only black at those) but weddings are hard. I am not bad at showers as they are more casual and I have lots of casual clothes suitable for a suburban trek.

I ended up buying a nice (and slightly funky) black and white top to go with a summer-weight black suit I have. I already have some nice pointy dress shoes and so I think I am going to be okay.

No — who am I kidding — I know it won’t be okay.

My black suit will get the older ladies chatting about my lack of bright colours and pantyhose. I can’t win so I don’t want to even play.

I will bring a nice gift. It will be fine.

Until they start pinching my cheeks.

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