Today I ate lunch


  1. I decided that really must take the time to eat lunch when I’m a at work. When I got home this evening I was so hungry I ate two normal sized portions of dinner. Now I feel like a very stuffed sausage.
  2. I learned what a “Sausage-Fest” is.
  3. It was very cold and I had no winter sweaters. I put away all my winter clothes last week and (rather optimistically) brought out my capri pants and summer shoes.
  4. I think I hurt someone’s feelings and that made me sad. I’m a softie and I know it.
  5. I put product back in my hair and got no compliments.
  6. I got a compliment about my work and that almost made up for the lack of positive hair feedback.
  7. I reflected about our book club meeting last night (we didn’t enjoy the book) and I decided that a) I write things and get paid for it so I think I could write something other than you-know-what that others might want to read b) I’m a good writer but I’m also lazy and couldn’t come home and write more stuff that requires a great deal of creativity…plus I’m not good at making up stories and I don’t think my real life is that scintillating. That’s why I have this blog — to bore my friends to death.


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