The rapid journey towards 50 and fabulous.

Okay it’s silly. I know it’s silly and I feel sheepish for feeling this way. But I do.

Many of my friends are over 40 ― hell, some are in their 50s and 60s and are much more energetic and vibrant than I was at 25. Age is a number.

But still, I’m turning 40 in a few weeks. (I know I know….start the violins…)

I told my friend K. that I feel a little dumb for feeling this way ― 40 is no big deal and I’m getting wound up for no reason. K, bless her, told me that it’s not dumb to have feelings about something. What’s dumb is thinking that your feelings are dumb. She may have a point. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m turning 40 and I have blog ―so now all of you will have to deal with my angst during the rapid journey towards ’50 and fabulous”.It can only get better, right? Does glucosamine help with sore knees? Will drugstore bifocals do the trick? Does the longterm use of hair dye have any health implications?
I need answers.


  1. Don’t worry sweetie, I am also turning 40 this summer, we will all face old age together and we will have each other.

  2. hey there! try to relax about this age stuff or you’ll go crazy!!

    all those cliches are true…”you’re only as old as you feel”, “we are like a fine wine, we get better with age”, “it’s all in your attitude” , yada yada…

    but it is weird this aging thing…I have to admit that I was not as philosophical about it when it was my birthday last month…but as they say..getting old beats the alternative!! we all just have to take it at our own pace and do what you need to to feel good about yourself (hair dye, botox, facials, get fit, don’t get fit)…as long as you stay connected and interested in the world (look at you and your lady gaga discovery!?! I’ve just realized I really like the rapper Ka’nan) you’ll always be young!!

    can’t wait to celebrate your 40th with you in style!
    k xo

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