Time for a cup of tea, a bath and a book. Something sex and controversy free.

It’s Hot Docs time again and I just got home from a fairly lackluster film. This season seems to be like that. Maybe I just picked some poor films. Some were quite good — and one, Sexy Baby — was terrific. But it has not been movie after movie of delight.

Tonight was the tale of two twin sisters who happen to be prostitutes. Septuagenarian prostitutes. Sounds interesting, no? Not as much as you’d imagine. And the sight of (mostly) limp members being manipulated by, well, grandmas was a bit sad. I guess that may have been the point.

In fact, three of the films I have seen have dealt with the sex trade. I am not sure how that happened, exactly.

This morning I saw a film about the Texas School Board’s campaign to insert creationist doctrine into the state’s curriculum. (No sex in this one for a change.) It was the crazy versus the sensible and it was all bizarrely polite. The chair of the State Board of Education believed that men walked with dinosaurs and that all the animals of the earth actually fit into Noah’s Ark. This was the guy in charge of things.

It was interesting, but it frankly annoyed the hell out of me. I know people like this exist and yeah, it’s important to shine a light on this stuff. But I left feeling a bit angry and distressed. So many smart people spent so much time trying to convince people who would never accept science…it felt so futile.

But I did get to spend time with some really good friends and that always makes things more fun.

The other thing I did this week? Look for white shoelaces. Easy right? Nope. The first pair was far too long and a bit too thick. (They looked perfect in the store.)

And the next pair was just a smidgen too short — although they were the correct thickness. (I thought I did a good job at measuring the required length but I was mistaken.)

So now I have some coloured laces in my white sneakers — already had them for some reason. I am 43 and not so sure I can pull it off.

Time for a cup of tea, a bath and a book. Something sex and controversy free.

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