Happy Things:

  1. I’m off to New York in a few days for a little weekend getaway.
  2. I’m becoming more slender (well, less chubby) each day.
  3. Sunshine and bunnies.
  4. My toes look great after this weekend’s pedicure.

Unhappy Things:

  1. GERD. No need to elaborate.
  2. I have always been quite happy with my appearance. Even when I gained weight, I still felt quite cute. I’ve never been one to be unhappy with the genetic hand I was dealt. Sure, when I was younger I bemoaned the fact that I was cursed with being short and cute and not tall and sexy. But I was never a wallflower — the cute go on dates too. And now I know that one can be cute and sexy … with age comes wisdom and self-awareness and a comfort in one’s own skin. But I was not prepared to get the curse of adolescence at my age. As a teen, I never had problem skin and nor did I have any issues as an adult until a few years ago. It’s hormones. Stupid middle-aged female hormones. I still feel quite attractive despite the pimple situation … it is almost like I forget about them. But this week I am especially annoyed by the situation. I’m going to do something about it. My doctor must be able to suggest something that works … so far several things have not done a thing to help. (Mind you, I did get chatted up on the streetcar this week so I think the cute appeal has not suffered too much.)

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