The Five Mere Suggestions (Cleaning Version)

I have a few suggestions for better living.

  1. Wash your jeans inside out. They’ll last longer. Hang them up to dry to keep the colour dark, too.
  2. A good orange enzyme cleaner will get any greasy spot out of clothes. Just put dab of the orange stuff mixed with a dab of dish washing liquid on the offending spot and pop the item into the wash. Magic, I promise.
  3. A pill shaver can make all the difference in the appearance of your sweaters. Just go easy or you’ll over-shave and create a hole.
  4. Hate to iron? You can spray your shirts with a light mist of water to eliminate wrinkles. It really works!
  5. Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning electronics. Vodka works in a pinch, too.

No, I am not a housewife. I just clean like one.

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