Sushi and sometimes an egg…

Today I was chit-chatting with Carlo Rota. You know, the actor from Little Mosque on the Prairie and 24.

He was ahead of me in line at the fancy food market. He commented on my sushi and I told him I don’t cook. He was a bit incredulous and I explained I did sometimes cook an egg and he thought that was a good start. He had a whole lot of fresh produce in his hands — I imagine he was going to make some fancy salad for dinner.

I chatted with him like he was just another person in line (because he was). We were just two people passing the time until we could pay for our food. But I knew who he was and I am pretty sure he knew I knew he was an actor because when I first got in line I looked at him intently for a moment — I was thinking this guy looks like an actor…But I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. The man was just buying some lettuce and I didn’t think he needed to deal with a fangirl in the middle of a grocery run.

For the curious, he’s handsome in person and quite fit. No doubt he was thinking the same about me.

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