So I am sitting here deleting spam from my work email account and forwarding and answering emails as needed. But mostly it is spam … easily 50 a day streaming into my account. Much has been written about spam and I am not going to go down that road. No spam missive today. (I did send away for some cialis however. Makes a great gift.)

I remember when only one person had an email account at my workplace. If we needed to send an email we had to go to the keeper of the account.

I never did. I feared that email business. No one sent me email and I did not send anyone email. Mail came into my plastic in-box or else people telephoned me.

I also quite enjoyed faxing. Faxing was very sophisticated in the early days of my free wheeling career in PR. I really miss slick fax paper … that’s what made a fax a fax.

Mind you, slick paper does not have the same je ne sais quoi of ditto paper but it is close.

Send me a fax, will you?

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