1. To stop exercising so much and spend more time curled up with a good book
    on a comfy couch.
  2. To stop all my crazy knitting projects (my friends have enough scarves)
    and spend more quality time with my television.
  3. To finally get on the interwebs (or do they call it the worldwide web?)
    and dig up some juicy celebrity gossip.
  4. To eat more candy and less broccoli and salads with grilled chicken.
  5. To stop obsessing about maintaining my rock-hard abs and spend more quality
    time in cafes and bookstores.
  6. To read more books and bowl less.
  7. To take up smoking to look cooler.
  8. To start drinking in order to become more fun at parties.
  9. To buy some new outfits and get rid of my Mom-jeans and Crocs.
  10. To go on more vacations rather than spending my holidays in the garden.

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