Purple House

I pass by this house on my walk to and from work. There have been workmen inside for weeks and the junk just keeps coming out. At least 2 dumpsters have come and gone.

I sometimes sneak a peek inside and the house still looks very much like a work in progress. But you can tell things are getting done.

However, the only change evident on the outside is new windows.

Otherwise the house looks like a hillbilly shack.

The thing is coated in peeling purple paint and there’s an addition that looks like it was built by a team of blind elves.

I can’t possibly describe the rest. It must been seen to be believed.

I am dying to know if the owners will actually do something about the outside of this house.

I have a feeling the plan was only for an interior renovation — much to, I imagine, the chagrin of the neighbours. I’ll keep you posted.

Maybe I take a picture, too.

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