Opening Soon: The Christine Elias Career Museum

My colleague says I could create the Christine Elias Career Museum with the sheer amount of work bumf I have squirreled away in various corners of my office.

Do I need the complete Nortel Visual Identity Guidelines — including the stationery, signage and forms sections? Apparently, yes. Yes, I do.nortel

Of course, people actually remember Nortel.
Who remembers, jobsOntario Training (there is not even a link to tell you about it!) — a skills development and employment program of the Ontario government? Me! It was my first career-type job.

A Cito business card holder? Could you part with some tangible item from your fourth job? If so, you are a stronger person than I could ever be.cito

There’s more stuff around, but I am still in process of cataloging the collection.


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