Nothing to report today….read these instead.

A few of my good friends have blogs. Good ones. Two examples:

Michelle writes about all kinds of topics — but mostly culture — and she’s very thoughtful and discerning.

Elizabeth writes about communications, social media, marketing and popular culture.

Both are very much worth reading. So go and see what they have to say.

Me, I don’t have much at the moment. I write mostly about my life in the most oblique possible way — the PR person in me never sleeps. But there was no fodder in any of my interactions today that warrant my version of analysis.

Today I:

  1. spilled coffee on my white jeans. Just two spots — but that’s plenty on such unforgivingly hued pants.
  2. ate something very delicious and deep fried for lunch. Luckily my colleague had some Gaviscon handy. It took four — and yes, I know I am not supposed to eat deep fried things.
  3. said good morning the the unfriendly woman I see often in the elevator. I think she’s coming around.
  4. moaned about the weather forecast to all willing to listen.
  5. didn’t see my admirer who calls me beautiful — inappropriate in a work setting, but hey, I’m not complaining. It’s probably a good thing — I had coffee on me and I was feeling a bit stomach-achey.
  6. realized my hair has reached the state where it needs serious attention. My schedule — not my stylist’s — does not permit me to get it cut for about 3 weeks. I don’t own any barrettes.
  7. heard my neigbour boss around her poor husband in the hall. (They live in an apartment the same size as mine, so he can never really escape her — but I think he must like it. There’s a word for that.)
  8. almost got stuck in the elevator. The power went out just as the door was closing. I managed to stick my hand in the door to make it bounce open — there was no way I was going to be stuck in a pitch black metal box suspended in the air. The power came back on by the time I climbed the stairs to my place. But still — 3 minutes in a dark elevator would have been unpleasant.
  9. had to reset all the clocks in my place. I have three. Why I need three is a mystery and two are in the same room.


  1. Michelle, I appreciate the warm sentiments — you’re pretty super, too.
    But believe me — my hair has taken a turn. It pains me to go out in public.

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