Not that many things…in the grand scheme.

I am not that easily annoyed. But some things drive me nuts. No, not regular things that drive most people nuts — that would be boring to read about. I am referring to the Unique List of Things that Christine Can Live Without (ULTCCLW).



  1. Dyson hand dryers. They work really well, that’s not my issue. It’s the noise. They’re loud and the sound (amplified by my hearing aids) is almost painful. I now run out the washrooms at work as fast as I can (after I wash my hands) to avoid ear trauma. My hands may be damp but my ears are happy.
  2. Automatic flushing toilets. The idea is sound but sometimes they flush themselves mid-business. I don’t have to explain the results — no doubt you can appreciate the irritation.
  3. Eye Drops. The application of. I hate trying to put drops in my eyes. I often miss and get drippy cheeks. Then it looks like I am sad, but I am not. I just have sore eyes — no one hurt my feelings.
  4. Winners. I am more often annoyed by the lack of anything interesting that fits than I am pleased with a neat new find. But I still go. I think there is a name for this condition.
  5. Hand washing “delicates” with the special soap that costs more money than it should given it’s weak soap. Not a fun way to spend an hour, but necessary when you enjoy nice things.

That’s all I got today. And I guess not that unique.


  1. re: 4. I was trying to figure out how your comment applied to people who win, and then realized you talking about the store…

  2. I like people who win! I also like shopping! My next post will be about things I like….thinking now.

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