Not skinny, not a bitch…

I’ve read (and re-read) a few books lately about food: In Defense of Food, Fastso and the Skinny Bitch. I liked the first two but the Skinny Bitches were too mean and extreme for me — I won’t be a vegan anytime soon.

But I did type up some points I gleaned from all three books. Next I plan to devise a mnemonic to memorize them…

  1. I am not on a diet. I am just trying to eat better.
  2. Think before you eat something. Think about why you want it and if you actually feel hungry.
  3. If you make a bad choice, it’s okay — life is short — just try to make a better choice next time.
  4. When eating out try to split meals or else have a smaller appetizer as a main course.
  5. Don’t torture yourself with negative thoughts about food — it’s just about taking one day at a time and making more good choices than bad ones.
  6. We’re not perfect and sometimes a treat is nice —we must accept this, otherwise life will be boring.
  7. Eat real food not fake food.
  8. Don’t eat too much and eat lots of plants.
  9. Eat food your great-grandmother would recognize — and that includes things like butter. The fake butter products are the ones to avoid.
  10. Avoid junk/processed food/drink. Read the ingredients. Avoid chemicals not delicious foods.
  11. Eat at the table not in the car.
  12. Love yourself!

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