New York: May 2012


  • Judy was convinced she saw Patti LuPone on 44th Street. (I don’t think it was her).
  • Judy did see and (speak to) Topher Grace. (For the record, so did I.)
  • I had a dream that I had a bold geometric pattern tattooed on my legs. (Strange bed perhaps?)
  • Most commonly heard phrase: “Get out your Googler.” (Origin: Judy. It’s also a phone. I was also called the Googler — it’s both a device and the person wielding said device…)
  • Fleet Week was interesting. (How can I keep my whites so beautiful?)
  • A trip to the City is not complete without naked people. (At the museums and some guy sunning himself — far, far too much of himself — in Washington Square Park.)
  • Also two show houses (Live House Porn!). Two plays (Broadway and Off).
  • One proposal (I declined.)
  • One hot mama compliment (Judy was amused.)
  • There was more — including the (mythical) OCD convention — but more on that later.


My hearing often gets me in situations. Hence the “proposal”…it was a cabby asking to be my boyfriend. (I gave him a smoke. I was on the street and he was at the light. This made him very, very happy.) I only heard “boyfriend”. I thought he was asking me if I had a boyfriend. (Um, no.) He was actually telling me he wanted to be my boyfriend. So I told him I had a husband — typically this wards off potential suitors. Later I was advised what the conversation was really about. A very strange exchange.

It was some other fellow who called Judy a hot mamma. I didn’t hear it as I was too far away (surprise)!

OCD Convention:
We sat down for lunch after we’d been on the subway. Judy took out some giant wet wipes and handed me one. And we wiped…rather vigorously. The waiter came by and witnessed this wiping frenzy and looked — well — amused and a bit concerned. Crazy ladies? Judy — quick wit that she is — told him we were in town for an OCD convention. He laughed his head off. Then he jokingly tried to poke me (in jest) and ask if it bugged me. I told him it did not as I was all better now


First stop Times Square.

Looks like there is something going on behind me!


Do these not look similar to my new shoes?

Fifth Avenue, people. Who’s styling now?


Judy at the top end of the Highline…


View from the Highline…


On the Highline…




DB Bistro Moderne! Pate!


There was no getting lost!


Lunch at Popovers. Still the same after 20 years! (Lunch spot, not me.)


People, People, People…


A moment of reflection at MOMA…


On the Met Rooftop.

Looking at the mirrored sculpture.


In front of the sculpture…


The (little) feet get tired.




  1. Agreed a great trip! I am a delightful travel companion if I do say so myself 😉 And so are you! Also good photog.

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