needs versus wants

I need a new suit. I have a nice summer suit but I need at least one for the other three seasons. I probably will buy one in August to get the best selection. But really, who cares — I don’t want a suit at all. But my lack of suits can be an issue when I have to dress up at work — which happens often enough that I need some variety in my attire.

I want these bootsI really, really want them. Very badly.

But summer is just around the corner and I have too many boots as it is.

Justin® Calientes™ hair-on boots
Price $49.99
Over 60% Off!
Regularly $139.99

At $49.99, would it be so irreponsible of me to purchase them — I spent more than that last night at dinner. They are hair-on-hide and I only have one furry pair of boots now — and they are brown.

Moving away from my unabashedly consumerist nature, we had our New York planning meeting last night (the aforementioned dinner) and I’m getting quite excited about the trip. No doubt there will be shopping….achoo!


  1. If you bought those, what would your 06-07 boot total be? Eight? Or is it nine? I can’t keep up.

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