My very own Wayback Machine!

I have a few days off. Some people like to go for long walks or sit outside enjoying a cocktail. I enjoy the latter for sure — the former not so much — but I’m also spending my vacation working on my website. Frankly the archives are a total mess — but it sure was fun looking at some of the old stuff. There are still hundreds of files to look at — but these amused me today!

  • This is still true. (I have no design talent whatsoever. I also still can barely figure out CSS)
  • This sure makes me feel super old — Flash, really?
  • What was I up to in the summer and winter of 2002? (Pretty much the same stuff I like to do in 2023.)
  • I still get paid to do this! (And will do so for about five more years … the countdown is on!)
  • And this is all still (mostly) true (I no longer live in East York, but I still enjoy footwear and have a subscription to the Economist. But now I am much closer to 60 than I am 40!)
  • I sure loved that camera — state of the art in 1999! (For the curious — or the young — that’s a Sony Mavica FD-73 with all of 0.3 megapixels. For comparison, my iPhone has 48 megapixels.)






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