My own personal Clampett

Both my friends K. and M. have mentioned their neighbours, the Clampetts. It seems that another member of their clan has moved into my hood.

This new Clampett cousin is renting the unit next door. He’s very friendly (not something I especially love in a neighbour) but he’s spoiling the modern lines of the building.

For example, he placed a floral mat in front of the door. We have no front stoops and the mat (a Dollar Store original) is sitting right on the sidewalk. Floral mats are not, I imagine with some certainty, what the architect had in mind. It doesn’t match the granite edging.

And earlier this evening he was sitting on a plastic chair in front his door — again in the middle of the sidewalk — smoking.

Should I ignore it or is it time to place a call to the board?


  1. Call the board!
    Doesn’t he have a balcony out back, same as you? Isn’t that where he should put the mat and plastic chair?
    Anyway, just steal the mat one night, he’ll never know.

  2. No, his suite lacks a balcony hence he’s on the sidewalk.
    I can’t bring myself to steal the mat…..

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