My new 15x lighted middle-aged lady magnifying mirror

I was at the dermatologist last week to zap off some incredibly tiny skin things under my eyes.

I discovered them — there were six! — after a visit the previous month to zap off one less-than-wee skin thing on my eyelid.

The doctor took a look at me and said that she recognized my face — and I confessed that I was back for more of that magical cryotherapy on some new skin tags I just discovered.

She said that once you get some removed, you will always find more.

In both cases, I was advised by my loved one that you could barely see them. But I could see them. (See them very, very well as a matter of fact — and they bothered me.)

Perhaps this is because I have a giant 15x lighted middle-aged lady magnifying mirror that blows up all my imperfections to alarming sizes.

I should probably relax a bit, we’re all getting older and I do have pretty good skin for someone my age. But I know I won’t — I am already thinking it might be time for some fractional laser skin resurfacing. But I have a feeling a special someone will talk me out of it.

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