Moderately Fit in Whitby

For someone who lives downtown I spend a fair bit of time in the exurbs.

For example, last week there was breakfast at Denny’s in Whitby. I like Denny’s and I especially enjoy the Chicken Fried Steak breakfast. I also really like stopping at the Cracker Barrel when driving in the United States. They have some very fine Chicken Fried Steak — much better than Denny’s — but you get what you can in Southern Ontario.

I’m not sure what my dining preferences say about me but I can tell you, I prepare vegetables on a daily basis in my own kitchen.

So moving along to my point. In the same plaza where Denny’s is located there is an Extreme Fitness.

The people going in and out —I realize I am one to talk from my vantage point in Denny’s— didn’t look extremely fit.

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