I’m still here…

I’ve not forgotten about you, dear (3) readers.

It’s just that the condo is for sale and so it needs to be devoid of residents in order to appeal to potential buyers. There have been showings every day and every night.

In total, there have been more than 35 showings. If I had a dollar for every person who opened my cabinets and sat on furniture that does not belong to them and is not for sale with the condo, I could have a nice entrée minus the wine. Or dinner for four at Taco Bell. No amusement intended there ― Taco Bell is, in fact, my favourite fast food chain.

So much interest but no buyer yet. I think it is the pictures on the MLS drawing them in ― no one does precision bedspread corners and artful throw pillows better than I do ― but the condo is not perfect (gasp) and the right buyer needs to fall in love with a beautiful, loving maintained interior and not the view of the three pine trees and odd (but not unattractive ― kinda like Clay Aiken) building across the way.

So that’s why I’m not posting. I’m never home and when I am, I’m polishing the faucets. But soon this will be over, the condo can once again get a little messy and I can once again type freely without worrying about getting cup rings on the desk.

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