I’m Gonna Be (Very Tired)

I felt like I was 22 again except, well, everyone around me was middle-aged. Middle-aged and rocking. The band was great and I’m not just saying that because I know the guitarist.

The rocking good time was a fundraising event that I attended with some friends.
I learned a few things, too.

  1. I still like to dance, but I can’t do it all night like I used to. All that flailing about is exhausting. Best to stick to my side-to-side 80s dance moves if I want to go the distance. Jumping around at top speed to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), while fun, is harder than the Plank. Also, wearing my very pointy boots didn’t help matters. I arrived home with sore feet.
  2. “I Wanna Be Sedated” holds up.
  3. Heineken is the best dancing beer.
  4. Watch out for guys wearing red pants.
  5. Getting a song dedicated to you is just as exciting in your 40s as it is in you 20s. Perhaps more so if the song is by the great Joe Jackson.
  6. I can afford to buy more drinks now that I’m older, but I don’t since I’m wiser. Plus I had a lot of errands to run today and I didn’t want to feel blah while grocery shopping and such. I think that’s called maturity. Or else old and boring.

But the most important thing I learned is getting out and dancing is great fun. Next time, I will wear the less pointy boots. But unless there’s a time machine handy, I don’t know where I will find the music of my youth that can get me leaping on the dance floor. I guess I’ll have to wait until the next middle-aged fundraising show to rock out.

Of course, there’s always the streetcar. Mind you, I could be convinced to go dancing again if there’s someplace that has a good 80s night or at least (not) lots of Heineken.

Barring that, I also love a good comedy show. I am easy to please.

The band. By this time the crowd had thinned but it was packed earlier.
I got my hair done that morning.
I am the most unphotogenic person on earth. It was the angle. The hair looked good, not that you can tell.
My pals and a zombie (?) in the background.
The gang!

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