I used detritus in a sentence.

You know how beautiful dark hardwood floors look?

A few years ago (when this look was in and we were selecting finishes) I thought they were beautiful too. So the new condo has dark hardwood floors. Well, not hardwood — its stepsister, engineered hardwood. Engineered being a technical term for wood as thick and durable as cardboard.

Sure they look nice enough — in the dark. But overall I’m not delighted.

They scratch easily. (I have been reminded that the finish is “rustic” and the imperfections only add to the beauty but I’m not easily placated.) I have spent many hours with a touch-up pen and rag. My knees ache from crawling around and the floors are still scarred.

Cleanliness (or the appearance thereof) is another issue. Dust, dirt, lint and random unknown pieces of debris practically glow on the surface of the floor. The surface seems to highlight every fleck of detritus that somehow found its way into the home.

I could sweep everyday and not be on top of the mountain of mess on my floors.

I have decided that as soon as these floors bite the dust a new floor coated in white epoxy will grace the home.

They will be much easier to keep clean.

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