So remember when I said: “And I already know that I can skate ― I don’t think one forgets that particular skill…”

Correction: I used to know how to skate.

It would seem that one can indeed forget that particular skill. I went skating today and it was if I never skated before in my life. Like I grew up in a land without snow and did not spend my youth in the suburbs where I spent many nights at the Mid-Scarborough Arena. Like my entire adolescence was a lie. A big fat lie.

It didn’t help that I went skating with two ice mavens ― my friends K. and S. They skated around me like Rocket Richard at a learn-to-skate lesson for toddlers. (Actually, I’m really glad I have friends to skate with. They were very encouraging and didn’t laugh once ― I think.)

I gotta get one of these.

Pictorial Update:

Here’s me skating:

And here I am resting:
At rest
(Note: My bum looks funny because my wallet is in my pocket ― a security tactic.)

A special thanks to K. for taking these shots.


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