I said no.

Overheard in the check-out line in the Whitby Walmart. (Yes, I was in Walmart and yes, I am sorry.)

  • Stop touching that, it’s not yours. (It was, in fact, mine!)
  • Put that down.
  • Take your head off the conveyor belt.
  • No, you can’t have that.
  • Put that down.
  • I said no.
  • No!
  • Stop that.
  • I mean it.
  • Hey!
  • For the last time, I said take your head off the conveyor belt.
  • I said no.
  • You don’t need that.

He was about 8 and awfully cute. It was hard to be annoyed at him (even if he did paw my new Swiffer SweeperVac). But I did feel for his Mom. I think any visit to Walmart with children should be followed with a stiff drink. I know I had one.

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