I need to be near baby boomers…..

So I work very near — not with — young people. And despite my youthful sense-of-self they make me feel like an old rag.

For example:

  1. They don’t wear watches. I have yet to see any of them wear a watch in years. (I love watches and I have several — a sure sign of my impending decline). Sure I know my cell phone displays the time but I never think to look at it for that purpose. In fact, I never think to look it at all.
  2. Ankle boots, leg warmers and desert boots are back in style — thank you young people for reminding me that my youth is over and has been so for over two decades. Trends come back every 20 years or so. Has it really been that long since I was stylish?
  3. They all look very preoccupied with looking at themselves in the mirror. I just wash my hands and look at my hair if I think it may be a bit disheveled.

I can do PR anywhere. Maybe I need to think about moving to a place with more baby boomers. Suggestions welcome.


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