I need bifocals, kiddo

Last year someone called me kiddo and was out of sorts for about a week. Last year I was in my fourth decade. This year I still am.

I wrote then that on one hand I tend to fret over the impending de-elasticization of my skin and on the other I get annoyed by people assuming I’m younger and inexperienced. I’ve been doing PR for twenty years and so far so good.

Well today someone called me young woman. I wasn’t sure what to make of this. This person is maybe in her late
40s — so you can see how this threw me for a bit of a loop.

On one hand I thought: This is excellent, I can add a decade to the year I graduated from university on my resume should I ever need to look for a new job. Bonus!

On the other hand I thought: Do I act like a millennial? Do people think I am immature? Should I stop wearing cute sneakers to work?

Tomorrow I am wearing a suit. I would wear my glasses as well as I know they make me look a bit older but I can’t — I need bifocals and my current prescription makes me dizzy.

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