I hope they arrive in time for my birthday!

I was looking at boots yesterday. The Bay was having a big sale and I thought I might find something interesting.

Alas, I did not.

They were lots of wedges and other things I would never wear, but nothing that I really wanted. Well, there was one pair that I quite liked, but they were quite similar to a pair I already own so I resisted. So I went to my favourite boot store — not in person, the retail outlets are in parts of the United States I don’t get to very often — to see what was on sale there.

Plenty! Like these for example…


They would go great with this belt!

Even more fancy!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Christine has better taste than this.

But you are wrong. I actually do have a very similar belt. This is not a great picture…

I really own this!

I don’t wear this belt very often. But my birthday is coming up and I want to dress up.

I think it might look good with some black jeans. I hope my new boots arrive in time!

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