I am my Grandmother

My Grandmother was crazy but I am not going to write about her at any length because a) you wouldn’t believe me and b) because I’m saving those bizarre stories for my book.

But one thing I will say is that she was obsessed with aging. She did not want to get older. She was convinced that there was an operation or special pills that could make her younger and that we (her uncaring family) were keeping this information from her so that she would be forced to get old and die.

I was thinking about her today because sometimes I get in a bad mood and dwell on my horrible childhood — okay, that’s not it — it wasn’t that bad when she wasn’t spanking me with a spoon or forgetting to feed me lunch.

I was thinking about her because I was reading O magazine and there was an article about aging with grace and acceptance.

After I read the item, I thought “screw that” — and then I realized I am my grandmother at 40.

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