“I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza.”

I am Christine. I am (ahem). I am a city person. I live at a mid-range extended stay hotel in the downtown core. (I’d prefer the “Four Seasons” but we can only afford one season ― winter)

It’s been a very hectic week moving everything into storage and moving six weeks of “stuff” into the hotel that will serve as home until the new condo is ready.

No complaints. Hotels are nice places to spend time. But it does feel a bit like a vacation ― so it may be odd to get up, have breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then head to work (and not a museum or an art gallery).


  1. Christine – is scares me just a little that you are staying in a hotel-like setting. I hope you pinch yourself each morning and remind yourself that you must go back to a place where you have to make your own bed. Every day.


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