Hello jean manufacturers/designers and retailers: I have a job but my ass is too fat for you…

Today I was fondling some Dondup jeans at Lileo in the Distillery District. Nice jeans — too bad they were so teeny that even new somewhat slender me didn’t have a hope in hell of getting them on.

So annoying as they were only $375.

I’d never been to this store before. They carry high end Japanese and European jeans among many other beautiful and expensive things. I was in fashion heaven.

Now I can’t afford a closet full of jeans that cost more than my first car but I can afford a pair or two. And I would buy them, too. I am a jeans slut.

But no. Not for still chubby-assed me. None of the high end jeans (with the exception of Seven which I have) come my size.

I am pretty much average sized for my age here at home and I’m downright slender in the United States but I still must compromise on jeans.

This is wrong and I won’t stand for it any longer.

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