Hello hairy arms and other things to worry about

Today I cursed Jesus in S.’s basement.

Let me explain.

S. is my friend and she’s also my stylist. She has (quite a snazzy) salon in her home.

My hair is her work. My brows used to be her doing as well but I had to stop waxing when I started using a particular skin cream.

I found out you can’t wax when using Retinol the hard (lose some skin) way.

So I’ve been tweezing but it’s a pain in the ass.

But today S. showed me her new Braun Silk-epil Soft Perfection hair removal device and encouraged me to test it out on my arm.

I tried it and cursed Jesus. His mother, too. It was extremely painful.

(I think S. may have been a bit surprised by the string of expletives. She’s known me for many years but only a few of my friends have ever witnessed my potty mouth.)

Turns out the thing is especially a bitch on long hairs. I never thought the hairs on my arms were especially long but live and learn.

Great, now I have something new to obsess about.

Oh, if you’re curious, the device worked very well once I tried it on the shorter hairs on the insides of my elbows.


  1. Its the best thing ever! I have been using it for 20 years and I have no more hair on my legs and arms. But it used to hurt like hell!

  2. Come on, Sharon has heard you swear a million times. She used to wax your brows and you have a low pain threshold! Lots of people have heard you — admit it.

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