G is for Goose

I walk to work these days so I don’t get to interact with my fellow citizens on the TTC anymore. I’m okay with that.

However, today I went to visit my my doctor which necessitated a trip on the subway.

And on the subway, I saw a woman “flashcarding” her baby. Apparently G is for Goose and L is for Lemon — she was not flashing the cards in order which will no doubt screw the kid up in the spelling department. Nonetheless, it was — I suppose — a learning moment.


  1. At what age can little humans focus their eyes?
  2. If my parents flashed me with numbers, would I use Excel better today?


  1. Instead of using flashcards, she could teach from the environment. H is for homeless and I is for indigent…

  2. How about conversing normally with the baby? Honestly, all these type A parents are going to have a big shock when the kids grow up. They are not going to get into Harvard if they listen to music as fetuses or have flashcards as a baby!!

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