Google me? You googling me? Well, google to you too…

I don’t google myself. (I have plenty of other vices). I know I’m easily found because of my job and I know that articles I have written would also pop up but I don’t go trolling to see what else makes the list .

Not usually anyway. Today I did take a look because and old friend contacted me (she found me on the web) so I wanted to see what came up.

I’m still there.

Generally hearing from people I’ve lost touch with makes me feel a bit weird (a lot of weirds in today’s post) but I was very happy to hear from my old friend K. We really did lose touch and it was great to hear from her. I’m looking forward to hearing about what’s she’s up to.

In other news, a whole batch of magazines arrived in the mail today…that’s almost as exciting as payday or trip to the shoe store.

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