Gifs and other reasons why I feel old.

Remember animated gifs — so ’90s, right? Those silly little things we put on our sites when the web was, well — much newer and much dorkier.

We were compelled to use them to provide important information best communicated with a picture. Like this key bit of data you needed to know about a site’s status:

These — wisely, I’d say — were used much less often.


Nowadays, it’s all about cats. I like cats well enough.

Kittens are cuter, though.

But yesterday I found the strangest (and most poorly executed) old school gif I have ever seen:

It totally made my day.


  1. I love it! lol Cats are cute, and kittens are cuter! You should put a picture of Lita on your site! The pumpkin looks like it’s having fun! 🙂

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