File under mysterious sleeping injuries.

I woke up very suddenly on Friday to the sound of the fire alarm. I leaped out of bed to see what was going on.

Not much. The woman on the intercom just demanded that we not use the elevators and to wait for further instructions. Mind you, I did not catch this message over the shrieking alarm until after I managed to get one hearing aid in. I cupped my now one good ear to the speaker and managed to figure it out.

So I went about my morning business until we got the all-clear.

My leg felt a little weird when I was walking to the subway but I shrugged it off ― I’m tough that way.

But as the day progressed my upper leg (I guess my hip) started to really hurt. And it got worse as the day went on. If I sat at my desk too long my leg would stiffen up. I walked around my office more than usual that day.

And it is not getting any better.

The thing is I did not hurt myself getting out of bed. I have no idea why I feel like I have pulled every muscle in my hip region.

I think I will have to hold off on any skating for the next little while ― I can barely put on my socks without wincing.

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